Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Travel diary: spring days in Prague

It´s quite clear that spring is upon us. The weekend I spent in Prague two weeks ago definitely verified that. Although I´m not a massive lover of hot summer sun, I can´t deny that it is beautiful to visit a city during its mild spring days. Prague was pretty and as lively as ever, covered in pink spring petals and the time I spent there was once again filled with joy. It´s just one of those places that brings back the loveliest memories that I will never let go of, I simply have to return at least once a year. This time, my sister was my travel companion and it was especially dear to me to show her around the city. She had never visited Prague before and needed to be taken to all the must-see spots around town. Like on all our trips, we like to get up extra early to have the full hours of the day to soak in all that´s out there. And so we spent three fantastic days in this city in bloom, always walking and exploring and tucked into bed by midnight. Which might not sound like the most fun to some, but was a delight to us. 
The little hike up to the castle will never be my favourite thing to do, but sure guarantees you a good view over the red city roof tops.The castle grounds are worth a look as well and when it´s crowded up there in the main season, I suggest paying for the garden terrace, which is a lovely spot and less crowded than the general castle area.
Dress Forever 21 / Jacket + Shoes H and M / Bag  + Hat Vintage
Whenever it comes to food, my sister and I can count on each other and always seem to be in the same mood. I could highly recommend every single meal we had, including vegan Czech specialities at LoVeg or raw cucumber spaghetti at Lehka Hlava. Even a random street café called Le Caroussel we passed, turned out to be a real treat and we spent one morning feeling like on our trip to Paris some years ago.
It will be no surprise to you that I would love to go back right away. Well, as a matter of fact, I'd love to go see other places as well. It´s sometimes hard to live with a travelling itch. Visiting places just makes you long for more and even after one night in your beloved bed back home, you could head out again. So I guess I'll keep on booking and booking little adventures, because there are millions of places left on my bucket list. But besides wanting to travel to places I haven´t been before, I´ll surely return to Prague again. And again.

Samstag, 21. März 2015

Travel diary: finally back in beautiful Amsterdam

Yes, I finally went back to Amsterdam indeed. After visiting this beautiful place a few times in the past, I did not even think about going back for quite a while and almost forgot how charming and wonderful it is in this city until I booked a surprise trip for my special someone at the beginning of the year. I definitely fell in love with Amsterdam again on this trip and would go back immediately. We spent four days strolling, exploring and eating and had an overall amazing time. As I have been to Amsterdam before we skipped some of the main attractions and purely focused on having a relaxed little vacation. We ended up sampling a lot of dutch cheese, visited the Tropical Museum for more than 3 hours one afternoon and had the loveliest time in the sunny and lively Vondelpark. Besides a very windy first day (where I was forced to buy the most hideous hat ever...) we were spoiled with good weather and I guess everybody would fall in love with a place like Amsterdam in early spring.
Our hotel was called "Hotel Not Hotel" and was quite a gem. Although a tiny bit outside the city (if you rent a bike or buy a day ticket for the tram it´s really no big deal at all) it was hip, very modern and unique. Every room looked different and the rooms on the upper floor where located behind massive bookshelves, filled with all books sitting on your to-be-read-pile. Definitely a good place to stay!
Jeans Gina Tricot / Turtleneck Top + Belt + Bag + Hat Vintage / Fluffy Jacket New Yorker / Jewellery Brandy Melville & Forever 21 / Shoes Vagabond
I knew I wouldn´t end up chasing up and down on the high streets to fill my bags with things I could also buy back home, but I enjoyed browsing through the lovely shops on "De 9 straatjes" -an area full of bookshops, independent clothes shops and coffee places. I took home only one piece of clothing from the very good selected, yet tiny more expensive secondhand shop "Episode", that probably is no secret tip at all anymore, as I already shopped there on my first visit about 6 years ago.
And yes, I could not stay away from all the bookshops. We had our first cup of coffee inside the "Scheltema" bookstore, which has a very nice, yet small dedicated room for English books. Not quite so small was the "ABC American Book Center" which offers such an amazing and broad selection of English books, graphic novels and magazines, that I spent way too much time in there. Just outside of the ABC was also a bookish flea market full of used books (open only on Fridays though), where I got myself another Virginia Woolf novel for my collection.
The weekend was certainly one of my favourite trips in a long time and Amsterdam climbed high up on my beloved-European-cities-list. Because I had caught a cold before we left, I missed out on exploring the city by bike, so I have to come back at some point to tick this off the bucket list. I love how travelling makes you always long for more. Every time I pack my bags and visit a place, I´d love to just keep on going other places afterwards or simply stay a little longer. Amsterdam has definitely not seen the last of me and I can´t wait for more trips this year.

Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Outfit: a red-coated transition into spring

Happy thursday everyone! I´m waving you hello from my sick bed because like almost everyone around me, I caught a cold and I´m spending about half my days curled up in bed and drinking vast amounts of hot lemon with ginger and chamomile tea. But I´m not posting to tell you about the uneventful life of an ill person, but to show you an outfit from last week, when I had a lovely day off and out and celebrated a special occasion with my favourite person. Also this is the premiere of my new glasses, which might show up more often from now on, as I do enjoy seeing the world around me so clearly. My outfit is nothing too brand new for everyone who follows me here, indeed, that red thrifted transition coat had it´s share of attention before, but I simply can´t stop wearing it. All in all, this look contains almost only thrifted pieces, something I like a lot and will try out much more this year, as I love secondhand clothing and I want to try stop consuming too many "new" things. Also this is saving my piggy bank a lot and I can spend money rather on organic food and traveling.

The day out was full of spring-announcing sunshine and we used it to stroll around Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg all day and also stopped at East London for a very fueling fry up. It´s quite handy to eat a breakfast that will feed you all day and especially the homemade leek hash brown was delicious.
Coat + Hat Humana  / Glasses Fielmann / Bag + Jumper flea market / Shoes Vagabond
Besides being glued to the bed, I spent the last couple of days completely excited about the upcoming weekend, because I go on my first getaway this year. All fingers crossed that I´ll feel better tomorrow, so the weekend is not filled too much with my coughing and sneezing. If you want to know where I´m heading and how I´ll fill my days there, go an follow me on Instagram.